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★ ソプラノ歌い手 · 東方Project
Soprano singer (D3-D6) · Mixer · Artist

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Singing commisions : OPEN
Mixing commisions : OPEN



Pastel pink hair with a longer strand on the left
Pale skin, pink cheeks, turquoise eyes
Any donut-shaped accessory
Rainbow bracelets, ear piercings
? Occasional neutral-colored beret

Illustrations by me

Illustrations by others

^ By a.kehoshi, commissioned by friends for my birthday ♥ ^

^ By tan/umagi, nobbuns, Yutakata ^

^ By LyzeMint, xia, Midoriya, Midoriya^

^ By Lychee, Alroetsue, はな (Hana), nelle ^

^ By Melonbread69, xinooko, Vernon, shintaclaus ^

^ By Mae, CherryDonut, ena, Ling Ling^

^ By Mille, Maud G., Staona, Staona ^

^ By Bluelune02, Lurula, Hazuka, Toshiro Kuro ^

^ By Midoriya, BPK, juno ^

Picrew-generated artworks

May not be the most accurate representations

^ Nana maker, straight-cut bangs, 夢で逢ったヒトメーカー, lococo ^

^ nomcom maker, cute girl maker, 少年少女好き?^

^ ゆる女子メーカー^


By commisioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms of use


❂ To commission, contact me on Twitter/Discord or by email. As a reference and if unspecified otherwise in the description, everything on my channel is mixed by me. More samples below ↓

❂ Please have all your lines in .wav prepared, as unedited as possible, and place them in a folder together with the on vocal & off vocal of your track.

❂ I reserve the right to decline your commission if your recordings do not meet certain quality requirements, or for any other reason that will be given.


❂ General prices are stated in the table below ↓

❂ Each singer has up to 1 main + 1 harmony. Overlapping lines are to be discussed, though a few overlapping words are fine. Any additional tracks will be considered as "extra singers" in the invoice.

Paypal only, American $ or € only, full payment upfront (before I start). No refunds possible afterwards.

❂ The price may be renegociated if the song is complicated, lenghty, needs many harmonies, or if you have a short deadline.


❂ You get any WIPs & updates you want. I do not always send WIPs automatically, so you may have to personally ask me.

❂ Commission usually takes up to 2 weeks to be completed for a solo/duo. If you would like the process to be faster, feel free to tip me.

❂ I will do everything I can for the result to be satisfactory for my customers and I. For this reason, I may ask for redo's at the start of the commission if a line is problematic. If the mix is in an advanced stage, any big line replacements/redo's will be charged.


❂ You may use the final audio however you want.

❂ If you decide to publish a product containing the audio (cover video, Soundcloud, etc.), you have to credit me "0P2C" (with a zero) in the description, and to link back to either this website, my YouTube channel or my Twitter.

Before / After sample



(vocals courtesy of KurinT)


Base pricesSoloGroups
Tuning+Cleaning ¹+Timing$20+$6/singer
Full mix ²$40+ $10/singer
TV size (under 2min)−25% of base price
already tuned−25% of base price
artificial harmonies$5/track
special effectsto be discussed
poor raw quality ³+25% of base price

¹ Cleaning = removal of noise, room reverb, clicks, pops, reducing of breaths volume, gain/fader riding. Overall repairing of your recordings.

² Full mix = Cleaning + Tune + Time + Mix + Master

³ Poor raw quality = recordings using cheap microphone (eg. lacks frequencies above 15kHz), noisy recordings, recordings requiring extreme pitch correction (eg. sang on the wrong key). Evidences will be provided if a recording falls into this category.

Sample highlights playlist